I’ve qualified as a Sensory Integration (SI) practitioner!

I started the Post-Graduate course in October 2020….whilst being in the midst of COVID, still working part time in the NHS and managing an independent OT service that I launched 6 months prior. 🤓

It’s certainly been a journey juggling it all, along with home-schooling the kids at times and generally managing the day to day challenges of life. Most of the time, the studying took place after everyone else was asleep and I had some peace and quiet! 😴

There were days that I questioned if I could hack it… after all, the last time I worked towards any sort of formal qualification was when I graduated as an Occupational Therapist in 2003! It was safe to say that my poor brain cells had a bit of a shock! 🧠

I wanted to inspire and show my 4 children that nothing was impossible if you invested time and effort. I wanted to prove to myself that I wasn’t ‘past it’ after the age of 40! And I also wanted to give more to the amazing families and educational establishments that I have the privilege to work with. 💖

And therefore, I am soooo proud of myself for this achievement and really excited about creating more joy in people’s lives through SI. 👏🏼

If you do want to find out more about what SI is, you can find out more here. 💭

Life is too short to not go for your goals, dreams and ambitions!

Much love, Manisha x 😘