About us

It's so great to have you here, let us tell you a little bit about My Therapy Services and the motivation behind why we do what we do.

What's in a name?

Firstly, what's in a name? Well, we kept this really simple. 'MY' are the initials of the Founder of the service, hence the name 'My' Therapy Services. However, that’s not the only reason. We’ve put a spin on the word ‘My’ as we encourage all of our clients to embrace the ‘My’ in their lives and their therapy, so they can call the therapy that they receive ‘My Therapy’. It’s personal to us and for each person and family, we work with. And so, by fostering the idea of 'my therapy’ from the beginning, this common ground of what seems a little playful, is actually quite powerful. This enables trust right from the start and therefore the very best outcome possible.'

"Every child deserves the right to play, socialise and be given the tools needed to develop key skills.

This will enable them to go on to achieve something truly remarkable."

We are
My Therapy Services!

Our approach is to look for and make the right connections between a child’s physical and emotional state within their social and personal environment, which may be preventing them from having independence, freedom, and joy. This is all carried out through thoughtful and sensitive conversations with parents, caregivers and educational staff. This ensures that we get to the heart of the challenges you are going through collectively, and therefore find the right solutions for everyone involved.

We love what we do because……

Empowering children to do/be/feel something they didn’t think was an option is a HUGE privilege.

Hearing about the confidence that comes when a child tries a new activity or conquers one that was once a huge challenge is so rewarding.

Seeing the joy on a parent’s face when their child hits a milestone that they weren’t sure they’d ever see, is also a joy for us because along with this work that we do, we are also mothers ourselves! 

This gives us a personal perspective on the challenges (and joys of course!) that parenting brings. We also understand the often-overlooked needs of the wider family members and are able to provide support for them too if needed.

We are based in Nottingham and travel within the Midlands. We also work with clients over Zoom too. To find out more about how we can help you or your family, please do get in touch for a complimentary consultation.

We offer a complementary consultation.

How would it feel to have someone else to talk things through with who understands and cares?

We will help you assess your situation and discuss ways for you or your family to move forward.

Drop us a line on 07502 690484 or send your enquiry through now.