I help children who struggle socially, emotionally or physically to have more independence and joy!

As your child has grown you may have noticed them encountering some developmental problems and you have some concerns.

Perhaps they’re not meeting their milestones at the right time. They could be struggling in school socially or academically, they may be having difficulty with communicating their thoughts and feelings, which leaves them feeling frustrated, leading to meltdowns for them and tears for you both.

You have tried to seek out support by speaking to teachers, your GP, the Local Authority and you might have even been referred to a Paediatrician. However, you are still no further along in receiving some answers and solutions.

      • You don’t know how to navigate the system
      • You’re not being listened to
      • You feel let down by the system
      • You don’t know what to do next

All of this has been causing you worry and putting unnecessary stress on you and your family. It doesn’t have to be this way!

Hi, I'm Manisha and I love what I do!

I have 18 years of clinical experience as an Occupational Therapist within the NHS. This has involved working within a variety of environments including hospitals, schools, care homes and peoples’ own homes.

I provide a personalised assessment with a detailed treatment plan that goes alongside with it. Goals will be set in partnership with you.

Not only do I believe in providing quality care, I’m also on a mission to increase awareness of what Occupational Therapy is along with its benefits. 


I don’t believe in treating a 'problem’. I believe in treating an individual as a whole. People have many sides and I believe my approach reflects this.


I am based in Nottingham but able to travel to you at a mutually convenient time and location. I am also able to offer support via telephone or video calls.


I am registered with the Health & Care Professions Council (HCPC). This ensures quality service provision and regulated standards.

Free consultation

I offer a complementary consultation. This will give us the opportunity to understand your needs and work out the best way forward.

I offer a complementary consultation.

How would it feel to have someone else to talk things through with who understands and cares?

I will help you assess your situation and discuss ways for you or your family to move forward.

Drop me a line on 07502 690484 or send your enquiry through now.