The benefits of playing board games with your child!

I spent an hour at my daughter’s nursery a few weeks ago, for a stay and play session and it really reminded me of all the amazing benefits of playing board games with your child.

Playing games with your children is a lovely way to spend some bonding time together and helps to build important learning skills at the same time.

Some of the key benefits include:

🔴 Developing social skills – learning to take turns, be patient and teamwork.

🟠 Spending family time together away from screens.

🟡 Building communication and language skills.

🟢 Teaching children to follow instructions and learn rules.

🔵 Building resilience and helping your child to win or lose graciously. (Being a good loser is a life skill that young children often need practice with!)

🟣 Supporting maths skills such as matching, sorting, counting, reading a dice, colour and shape recognition, and moving along a track.

🟤 Developing literacy skills and building vocabulary. Even the simplest of games encourages talk.

⚪️ Developing fine motor skills. There are usually plenty of small pieces to move around the board, dice to roll or spinners to spin.

Most of all, games are fun!

If you feel that I may be able to support you or a child or you’re just after some advice, feel free to get in touch with me! I am based in Nottingham and I am available to come to you if needed. (Find out more here) 😊

Much love, Manisha 😊