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Excited to Rebuild Lives

So, here I am about to embark on one of the most exciting ventures to date! I have been an Occupational Therapist (OT) within the NHS for almost 17 years (which I will still continue part time) and have now decided to set up a private OT service.

Welcome to ‘My Therapy Services’ 😊

Let me tell you a little bit about why I chose this name for the service. It’s not rocket science really….I’ve kept it simple. MY are my initials, hence the My Therapy Services. But that’s a little boring I think… I’ve put a spin of the word ‘My’. I want all of my clients to embrace the ‘My’ and take ownership of that word. So they can call the therapy that they receive ‘My Therapy’. It’s personal to me as a service provider and also personal for the service user. Common grounds right from the start will hopefully lead to amazing relationships and outcomes.

You may see my strap-line ‘Rebuilding Lives’ dotted about here and there…..there’s a story behind that too (yes I like my stories!) And again a simple one at that. Illnesses and injuries may break down elements of our lives. At times they may make us feel incomplete, frustrated or even hopeless at times. My job is to try and help that individual to ‘Rebuild their life’. So behind some of my imagery, you’ll see building blocks, which is to symbolise the whole ‘rebuilding’ concept.

‘Why set up private after all these years?’ I hear you ask. Well that’s not as simple. I had been considering the idea for many years. But sometimes life just takes over and before you know it you’re in a position where you feel that although you absolutely love what you do, you wish you could offer more. The NHS has changed A LOT in the last 17 years. Demands have grown massively whilst resources and funding have shrunk. People are living longer with much more complexities combining both health and social care needs.

Occupational Therapists are dual trained in both physical health and mental health. We look at the individual holistically. Not just in a ‘work’ capacity as some people assume due to the word “occupation’. This means putting the person right at the centre and acknowledging that they have many facets in life that will have an impact on one another. With the changes in the NHS, I noticed myself only being able to address certain areas of an individual’s assessment and treatment. If they had additional needs, that meant referring them onto another service where they potentially sat on another waiting list for who knows how long. By the time they were seen, their needs may have changed yet again and so the cycle continued.

What I want to offer is an alternative. A personalised assessment with a detailed treatment plan that goes alongside with it. Goals set in partnership with the client, whether that is to improve function, maintain a certain skills level or reduce risks. I want to provide continuity of care without the feeling of my service being time limited before they must be discharged. Everyone is different and I believe that my service should reflect that.

So that’s a little introduction to My Therapy Services. I could go on….but I will save that for another time! I am really looking forward to not only providing quality client care, but also increasing awareness of Occupational Therapy and it’s benefits. We don’t just weave baskets and fit grab rails!

Much love, Manisha 😊

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